Rand Cash ($ZARC) stablecoin is a fiat-collaterized stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the South African Rand and owned fully by Senti Pay (Pty) Ltd. The Rand Cash stablecoin is used mainly for local domestic payments and incurs fees of less than a penny making it faster, cheaper and more convenient than any other stablecoin available in South Africa. The Rand Cash stablecoin is fully decentralized and 100% auditable on the blockchain as well as being compliant with all laws and regulations within the Republic of South Africa.

The Rand Cash stablecoin allows users to pay merchants in-store for free and earn 1% back in rewards points to spend immediately at any merchant, being the first stablecoin to encourage decentralized rewards points without any centralized components involved.

The Senti Pay wallet allows users to buy, sell, pay, send and store the Rand Cash stablecoin making it convenient for all users to access.

The only wallet to purchase the $ZARC stablecoin is through the Senti Pay wallet.


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